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The great catalyst, European Union project and lessons from Greece and Turkey, edited by Bülent Temel

This book examines the ways by which the European Union impacts economic and political processes in its member and candidate countries. Positive Turkish and negative Greek experiences suggest that the EU functions as a powerful catalyst of political and economic change, if towards various ends
Table Of Contents
Introduction Chapter 1: Greece and the Eurozone: Staying or Leaving? Panagiotis E. Petrakis Chapter 2: Euro and the Economic Crisis in Greece Basil Dalamagas Chapter 3: Doomed to Failure: The EU's Role in the Greek Debt Crisis George Dourakis Chapter 4: Effects of Economic and Monetary Union on the Greek Political System: Dimensions of the Current Crisis Christoforos Vernardakis and Bulent Temel Chapter 5: Greece and the European Union: Neoliberalism and its Discontents Grigoris Zarotiadis Chapter 6: Acrobats on a Rope: Greek Society between Contemporary European Demands and Archaic Cultural Reflexes Panayis Panagiotopoulos and Vassilis Vamvakas Chapter 7: Regularizing the Unregulated? European Union's Role in the Immigration Problem in Greece Christina Akrivopoulou and Bulent Temel Chapter 8: European Union Fervor in Turkey: Foreign Policy as a Domestic Political Apparatus Ersin Kalaycioglu Chapter 9: Alignment of Turkish Securities Market Legislation with the EU Acquis: Does EU Membership Offer Additional Benefits? Aylin Ege and Gul Ertan Ilal Chapter 10: Turkey's EU Accession Prospects Serdar S. Guner Chapter 11: Political Stability and Economic Expansion: Turkey Before and After the EU Candidacy Demet Yalcin Mousseau Chapter 12: Turkey's Kurdish Conflict: The EU Candidacy and the Prospects for Reconciliation Hayriye Ozen Chapter 13: Trajectory of Corruption in Turkey's EU Venture Ilhami Alkan Olsson Chapter 14: Cognitive vs. Emotional Evaluations as the Foundations of Public Perception of the EU in Turkey Cengiz Erisen and Elif Erisen Chapter 15: Turkish Democracy during the European Union Process: Demilitarization and Resecuritization Doga Ulas Eralp Chapter 16: Candidacy versus Membership: Is Turkey the Greatest Beneficiary of the EU? Bulent Temel
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xiv, 420 p. :, ill. ;, 23 cm

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