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The law of treaties beyond the Vienna Convention, edited by Enzo Cannizzaro ; contributors: Mahnoush H. Arsanjani ... [et al.]

Table Of Contents
Are agreements between states and non-state entities rooted in the international legal order? / Olivier Corten and Pierre Klein -- Article 18 of the 1969 Vienna Convention : a vague and ineffective obligation or a useful means for strengthening legal cooperation? / Paolo Palchetti -- Reservations to treaties : an objection to a reservation is definitely not an acceptance / Alain Pellet and Daniel Müller -- Legal consequences of an impermissible reservation to a human right treaty : where do we stand? / Bruno Simma and Gleider I. Hernández -- Provisional application of treaties in international law : the Energy Charter Treaty Awards / Mahnoush H. Arsanjani and W. Michael Reisman -- The rules on interpretation : misgivings, misunderstandings, miscarriage? : the 'crucible' intended by the International Law Commission / Mark E. Villiger -- Evolutionary interpretation of treaties : between memory and prophecy / Pierre-Marie Dupuy -- Subsequent practice as a means of interpretation in the jurisprudence of the WTO Appellate Body / Georg Nolte -- Supplementary means of interpretation / Luigi Sbolci -- Treaty interpretation by the WTO Appellate Body : the conundrum of Article 17(6) of the WTO Antidumping Agreement / Donald McRae -- Consistency among treaties obligations / Benedetto Conforti -- Beyond the Vienna Convention : conflicting treaty provisions / Jan Klabbers -- International organizations as third parties under the law of international treaties / Christian Tomuschat -- Treaties establishing objective regimes / Francesco Salerno -- The law of treaties and the UN Security Council : some reflections / Michael Wood -- The European courts and the law of treaties : the continuing story / Pieter Jan Kuijper -- Some remarks on the continuity of human rights and international humanitarian law treaties / Fausto Pocar -- Invalidity of treaties : anything new in/under the Vienna Conventions? / Joe Verhoeven -- Coercion as a ground affecting the validity of peace treaties / Serena Forlati -- Absolute invalidity of treaties and their non-recognition by third states / Alessandra Gianelli -- Desuetude and obsolescence of treaties / Marcelo G. Kohen -- Invalidity and termination of treaties and rules of procedure / Annalisa Ciampi -- The metamorphosis of the jus cogens : from an institution of treaty law to the bedrock of the international legal order? / Karl Zemanek -- The distinction between jus cogens and obligations erga omnes / Paolo Picone -- A higher law for treaties? / Enzo Cannizzaro
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