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Biotechnology and innovation systems, the role of public policy, edited by Bo Göransson, Carl Magnus Pålsson - hbk

Table Of Contents
1. Strategies for Appropriation of Biotechnology / Bo Göransson and Carl Magnus Pålsson -- Part I: Latin America -- 2. The Recent Evolution of the Biotech Local Innovation System of Minas Gerais: University, Local Firms and Transnational Corporations / José Eduardo Cassiolato, Graziela Ferrero Zucoloto, Márcia Siqueira Rapini and Sara Gonçalves Antunes de Souza -- 3. Linkages between Bio-Innovation, Knowledge Production and Policy in Uruguay / Isabel Bortagaray, Isarelis Pérez Ones and Judith Sutz -- 4. Biotechnology, University and Scientific and Technological Policy in Cuba: A Look at Progress and Challenges / Jorge Núñez Jover, Isarelis Pérez Ones and Luis Félix Montalvo Arriete -- Part II: Africa -- 5. The Role of Product Development Partnerships for the Appropriation of Knowledge and Innovation in Biotechnology in Tanzania / Emmarold Mneney, Bitrina D. Diyamett and Burton L.M. Mwamila -- 6. Biotechnology in Mozambique: Present Situation and Future Trends / Luis Neves, Paula Macucule, Carlos Miguel Ribeiro and Ana Maria da Graça Mondjana -- Part III: Asia -- 7. Appropriation of Technology in Universities: The Case of Biotechnology Transfer in Vietnam / Tran Ngoc Ca, Nguyen Phuong Mai, Tran Thi Phuong and Le Van Chuong -- 8. Biotechnology Transfer and Application in China: Background and Case Study / Wang Haiyan and Zhou Yuan -- Part IV: Europe -- 9. Biotechnology in Europe: Background Information on Biotechnology Industry Characteristics and Policy Environment in Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Russia and Sweden / Thomas Reiss, Ralf Lindner and Ulrich Schmoch -- 10. Biotechnology in Denmark and Sweden / Carl Magnus Pålsson and Birgitte Gregersen -- 11. Biotechnology Appropriation in a Small Country: From Historical Legacies to Contemporary Challenges in Latvia / Anda Adamsone-Fiskovica, Janis Kristapsons, Aija Lulle and Erika Tjunina -- 12. Biotechnology in Germany / Thomas Reiss, Ralf Lindner and Ulrich Schmoch -- 13. Biotechnology: National Policy and Development Priorities in Russia / Galina Sagieva -- Part IV: Implications for Public Policy and Industry Development -- 14. Implications for Public Policy and Industry Development / Bo Göransson and Carl-Magnus Pålsson
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non fiction
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399 p. :, ill. ;, 24 cm

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