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Research handbook on law and marxism, edited by Paul O'Connell (Reader in Law, School of Law, SOAS University of London, UK), Umut Özsu (Associate Professor of Law and Legal Studies, Department of Law and Legal Studies, Carleton University, Canada) - (e-book)

"This Research Handbook offers unparalleled insights into the large-scale resurgence of interest in Marx and Marxism in recent years, with contributions devoted specifically to Marxist critiques of law, rights, and the state. The Research Handbook brings together thirty-three scholars of Marx, Marxism, and law from around the world to offer theoretically informed introductions to the Marxist tradition of social critique, contemporary Marxist analyses of law and rights, and future orientations of Marxist legal analysis. Chapters testify to the strength of Marxist critical tools for understanding the role of law, rights, and the state in capitalist societies. Exploring Marxist critique across an extraordinarily wide range of scholarly disciplines, this Research Handbook is a must-read for scholars of law, politics, sociology, philosophy, and political economy who are interested in Marxism. Graduate and advanced undergraduate students in these and related disciplines will also benefit from the Research Handbook"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Contents: 1. Introduction to the research handbook on law and marxism / Paul O'Connell and Umut Özsu -- Part I Marx and the Marxist tradition -- 2. Legal and illegal political tactics in marxist political theory / Clyde W Barrow -- 3. Marx on the factory acts: Law, exploitation, and class struggle / Daniel McLoughlin and Talina Hürzeler -- 4. 'Putting weapons into the hands of the proletariat': Marx on the contradiction between capitalism and liberal democracy / August H Nimtz -- 5. Marx's concept of dictatorship / Cosmin Sebastian Cercel -- 6. Revolution, lenin, and law / Michael Head -- 7. Marx, engels, lenin, and the right of peoples to self-determination in international law / Bill Bowring -- 8. Pashukanis' commodity-form theory of law / Matthew Dimick -- 9. Thinking in a gramscian way: Reflections on gramsci and law / Pablo Ciocchini and Stéfanie Khoury -- 10. Poulantzas' changing views on law and the state / Bob Jessop -- 11. The state as social relation: Poulantzas on materiality and political strategy / Rafael Khachaturian -- Part II Contemporary Marxist analysis of law, rights and the state -- 12. Marx's critique and the constitution of the capitalist state / Rob Hunter -- 13. Marx and critical constitutional theory / Nimer Sultany -- 14. The reproduction of moral economies in capitalism: Reading thompson structurally / Nate Holdren -- 15. Law and the state in frankfurt school critical theory / Chris O'Kane -- 16. Feminist materialism and the laws of social reproduction / Miriam Bak McKenna -- 17. Marxism, labour and employment law, and the limits of legal reform in class society / Ahmed White -- 18. Karl marx, douglass north, and postcolonial states: The relation between law and development / BS Chimni -- 19. Transcending disciplinary fetishisms: Marxism, neocolonialism, and international law / Radha D'Souza -- 20. Taking political economy seriously: Grundriss for a marxist analysis of international law / Rémi Bachand -- 21. From class-based project to imperial formation: European Union law and the reconstruction of europe / Eva Nanopoulos -- Part III Future orientations of Marxist Legal Analysis -- 22. From free time to idle time: Time, work-discipline, and the gig economy / Rebecca Schein -- 23. Greening anti-imperialism and the national question / Max Ajl -- 24. Ideology, narrative, and law: 'operation car wash' in brazil / Enzo Bello, Gustavo Capela, and Rene José Keller -- 25. The poetry of the future: Law, marxism, and social change / Paul O'Connell -- 26. Nomocratic social change: Reassessing the transformative potential of law in neoliberal times / Honor Brabazon -- 27. Beyond fetishism and instrumentalism: Rethinking marxism and law under neoliberalism / Igor Shoikhedbrod -- 28. Law and the socialist ideal / Christine Sypnowich -- 29. Marx on law and method / Natalia Delgado -- 30. Principles for a dialectical-materialist analysis of law and the state / Dimitrios Kivotidis -- Index
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