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Library design for the 21st century, collaborative strategies to ensure success, edited on behalf of IFLA by Diane Koen and Traci Engel Lesneski - hbk

Library design in the 21st century has one common theme: collaboration is at the heart of innovation. Designing modern libraries is a complex process involving many stakeholders and participants. Libraries of all types work with an almost limitless range of constituent groups for input, buy-in and successful implementation. Securing support for new library buildings and renovations of libraries engages many people: library clients, community members, faculty, funding agencies, donors, governing authorities, librarians, architects, interior designers and planners. Telling the right story and getting to the end game demand carefully crafted approaches, wide-ranging skills, a unified vision and productive teamwork. The IFLA Library Buildings and Equipment Section has selected the best papers presented by award-winning architects and international thought leaders from the academic and public library sector at our recent satellite conferences and seminars
Table Of Contents
Introduction / Diane Koen and Traci Engel Lesneski -- Part 1: Collaborating with stakeholders. Collaborating for a successful master plan - Art or science? / Janette Blackburn and Kelly Brubaker ; Collaborative design: A persona exercise approach / Elif Tinaztepe and Marie Østergård ; Student engagement and collaboration: Creative evidence-based approaches / Tamera Hanken and Gulcin Cribb ; Collaborating for success: People, places, form and function / John Souleles and Carol Shepstone -- Part 2: Collaborating for cultural change. Madison Central Library: The art-infused library / Traci Engel Lesneski ; Dokk1 - Re-inventing space praxis: a mash-up library, a democratic space, a city lounge or a space for Diversity? / Marie Østergård ; Building tomorrow's library today: How the six spheres vision kept us on track / Vicki McDonald ; Cooking and multiculturalism, living lab and fab lab: Collaborative strategies in the Province of Barcelona Municipal Library Network / Santi Romero and Imma Sabater -- Part 3: Cooperative collections. The library service centre: A collaborative partnership for legacy collections and programme innovation / Charles G. Forrest ; The cooperative storage library Switzerland: A successful multi-cantonal cooperation / Dani Tschirren and Ulrich Niederer ; Garching - the Bavarian storage library: Past, present and furture developments / Dorothea Sommer -- Part 4: Crafting the project story. Communities craft future library stories / Jeffrey M. Hoover ; Stakeholder engagement processes and strategies / Julie McKenna, Laura Plosz and Troy Smith ; A dream come true of citizens - the New Helsinki Central Library / Tuula Haavisto ; New models for library advancement / Vivian Lewis ; Re-imagining the university library - a transformative opportunity / Gobnait O'Riordan
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