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Temperate agroforestry systems, edited by Andrew M. Gordon, Steven M. Newman and Brent R.W. Coleman - hbk

Agroforestry is a land use system that allows for the concurrent production of trees and agricultural crops from the same piece of land. It has a rich history of development and has been practiced in some parts of the world for more than 6,000 years. The first edition of Temperate Agroforestry Systems concentrated on those areas within the temperate zones where the greatest advances, adoptions and modifications had taken place at that time: North and South America, China, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Continental Europe. The fully-updated edition now introduces the reader to other regions where temperate agroforestry research and development are contributing to sustainable food production systems, including India, Chile, and Scandinavia. Two previous chapters on North America and Continental Europe are also split into separate chapters for Canada and the United States and the United Kingdom and Europe
Table Of Contents
Temperate agroforestry: an overview / A.M. Gordon, S.M. Newman, B. Coleman and N.V. Thevathasan -- Agroforestry in Canada and its role in farming systems / N.V. Thevathasan, B. Coleman, L. Zabek, T. Ward and A.M. Gordon -- Temperate agroforestry in the United States: current trends and future directions / S. Jose, M.A. Gold and H.E. Garrett -- Agroforestry in the UK / S.M. Newman, D.J. Pilbeam, and S. Briggs -- Temperate agroforestry: the European way / C. Dupraz, G.J. Lawson, N. Lamersdorf, V.P. Papanastasis, A. Rosati, and J. Ruiz-Mirazo -- Agroforestry in the Indian Himalayan region: an overview / B. Mohan Kumar, A.K. Handa, S.K. Dhyani and A. Arunachalam -- Temperate agroforestry in China / S.X. Chang, W. Wang, Y. Wu, Z. Zhu, and X. Peng -- Agroforestry systems in temperate Australia / R. Reid, and R. Moore -- Temperate agroforestry systems in New Zealand / P.D. Kemp, M.F. Hawke and R.L. Knowles -- Novel agroforestry systems in temperate Chile / F. Dube, N.B. Stolpe, E. Zagal, C. Figueroa, C. Concha, C. Carrasco, J.M. Schwenke, V. Schwenke, B. Müller-Using -- Silvopastoral systems in Patagonia, Argentine / P.L. Peri, G. Caballé, N.E. Hansen, H.A. Bahamonde, M.V. Lencinas, A.R. von Müller, S. Ormaechea, V. Gargaglione, R. Soler, M. Sarasola, V. Rusch, L. Borrelli, M.E. Fernández, J. Gyenge, L.E. Tejera, C.E. Lloyd, G. Martínez-Pastur -- Temperate agroforestry: key elements, current limits and opportunities for the future / S.M. Newman and A.M. Gordon
Literary Form
non fiction
2nd ed.
Previous ed. : 1997
Physical Description
xi, 313 p., col. ill., maps, 26 cm.

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