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Handbook on European competition law, edited by Ioannis Lianos, Damien Geradin - hardback

Handbook on European competition law : Enforcement and procedure sets out in detail the procedural aspects of EU competition law, ranging from fines, remedies and judicial review. It also gives unique insight into both private and public enforcement of completion law, and offers commentary on the relationship between EU competition law and national competition law, and on the relationship between competition law and private international law. The companion volume, Handbook on European Competition Law : Substantive Aspects, sets the context for examination of substantive law by reviewing and analyzing the goals of competition law. It then covers the substantive building blocks of EU competition law, including horizontal and vertical agreements, cartels, mergers, and also provides valuable coverage of the interaction between competition and regulation, hub and spoke collusion, and information exchange agreements. The importance of the abuse of dominance doctrine is reflected in three discrete chapters considering exploitative abuses, exclusionary pricing abuses, and exclusionary non-pricing abuses. This Handbook will be an indispensable reference work for practitioners and scholars, as well as for those in an enforcement environment
Table Of Contents
Econometric evidence in EU competition law : a theoretical and empirical analysis / Ioannis Lianos and Christos Genakos --The public enforcement of articles 101 and 102 TFEU under council regulation no 1/2003 : due process considerations / Arianna Andreangeli --Public enforcement : the ECN --network antitrust enforcement in the European Union / Damien Gerard --Private enforcement in the EU with emphasis on damages actions / Assimakis Komninos --Procedural aspects of merger control / Nicholas Levy --The EU competition fining system / Damien Geradin, Christos Malamataris and John Wileur --Competition law remedies in Europe / Ioannis Lianos --EU competition law and private international law : a developing relationship / Barry Rodger --Judicial review in EU competition law / Heike Schweitzer --Relationship between EU competition law and national competition laws / Katalin Cseres --Legal uncertainty, penalties, and the limits to effects : based standards / Yannis Katsoulacos and David Ulph
Literary Form
non fiction
Companion volume : Handbook of European competition law. Substantive aspects
Physical Description
xix, 624 p. ;, 24 cm

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