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Legal practice and cultural diversity, edited by Ralph Grillo ... [et al.]

Table Of Contents
Legal practice and cultural diversity : introduction / Roger Ballard ... [et al.] -- Cultural diversity : challenge and accommodation / Roger Ballard ... [et al.] -- Indian pluralism and its relevance for Europe / Werner Menski -- Legal pluralism and differentiated morality : sharia in Ontario? / Veit Bader -- Transforming to accommodate? : reflections on the sharia debate in Britain / Prakash Shah -- Sharia in a European context / Mathias Rohe -- Objection, your honour! accommodating niqab-wearing women in courtrooms / Natasha Bakht -- The challenge of African customary laws to English legal culture / Gordon Woodman -- Religious challenges to the secularized identity of an insecure polity : a tentative sociology of Québec's "reasonable accommodation" debate / Jean-François Gaudreault-DesBiens -- Does the Dutch judiciary pluralize domestic law? / André Hoekema -- The influence of culture on the determination of damages : how cultural relativism affects the analysis of trauma / Alison Renteln -- Jews and Muslims in France : changing responses to cultural and religious diversity claims / Martine Cohen -- L'affaire du foulard in the shadow of the Strasbourg Court : Article nine and the public career of the veil in France / Claire de Galembert -- The changing position of religious minorities in English law : the legacy of Begum / Russell Sandberg -- Approaches to diversity in the domestic courts : Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights / Samantha Knights -- Human rights in contexts of ethnic plurality : always a vehicle for liberation? / Roger Ballard
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