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Atmospheric thermodynamics, Craig F. Bohren, Bruce A. Albrecht.

Presenting a comprehensive treatment of thermodynamic processes operation in the atmosphere, the core of this text focuses on water and its transformations. Initial chapters lay the foundations, from energy conservation to the ideal gas law, specific heat capacities, adiabatic processes, and entropy. More than 400 thought-provoking problems are included
Table Of Contents
cover -- titlepage -- copyright -- dedication -- Preface to Second Edition -- Acknowledgments -- Preface to the First Edition -- Acknowledgments -- Contents -- 1 Introduction: Conservation of Energy -- 1.1 Thermodynamics: A Science of Measurable Quantities -- 1.2 Conservation of Energy in Mechanics -- 1.3 Conservation of Energy: A System of Point Molecules -- 1.4 A Few Examples of Energy Conservation -- *1.5 Kinetic Energy Exchanges in Molecular Interactions (Collisions) -- 1.6 Working and Heating -- An Example of Working -- 1.7 Some Necessary Thermodynamic Concepts and Jargon -- 1.8 Thermodynamic Internal Energy and the First Law -- Irreverent Thoughts about Heat -- How Does One Measure ``Amount of Heat?'' -- Description and Explanation -- A Few Parting Shots -- Annotated References and Suggestions for Further Reading -- Problems -- 2 Ideal Gas Law: Pressure and Absolute Temperature -- 2.1 Gas Pressure and Absolute Temperature: What Are They and What Are They Not? -- Ideal Gas Law -- A Perspective on Units -- Pressure Measurement: Barometer and Manometer -- Temperature Scales and Thermometers -- Atmospheric Temperature Measurements -- Interpretations, Operations, and Explanations -- The Nature of Statistical Laws -- A Brief History of the Gas Law -- 2.2 Pressure Decrease with Height: Continuum Interpretation -- Pressure-Height Relationships: Thickness -- 2.3 Pressure Decrease with Height: Molecular Interpretation -- 2.4 The Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution of Molecular Speeds -- Why Don't Air Molecules Escape to Space? -- 2.5 Intermolecular Separation, Mean Free Path, and Intermolecular Collision Rate -- Mean Free Path -- Intermolecular Collision Rate -- Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium -- 2.6 Is the Pressure Gradient in a Gas a Fundamental Force of Nature? -- 2.7 Surface Pressure and the Weight of the Atmosphere -- Flat Earthers Take Note!
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Second edition.
This edition also issued in print: 2023
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