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The political ecology of informal waste recyclers in India, circular economy, green jobs, and poverty, Federico Demaria.

The questions related to waste management are not merely technical; what, how, where, and by whom becomes intrinsically political questions. This book is about the power relations in recycling, from the viewpoint of political ecology, and ecological economics
Table Of Contents
Intro -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Dedication -- Foreword -- Preface -- Acknowledgements -- Contents -- 1. Introduction: Waste Is Increasingly a Site of Social Conflict -- 1.1 Why This Book: The Research Questions -- 1.2 How This Book Was Made: The Methods -- 1.3 What This Book Is About: A Preview of the Chapters -- 2. Theoretical Framework: Ecological Economics, Political Ecology, and Waste Studies -- 2.1 Ecological Economics -- 2.2 Political Ecology -- 2.3 Waste Studies -- 2.4 Theoretical Contribution: Capital Accumulation by Contamination -- 3. Shipbreaking in Alang: A Conflict Against Capital Accumulation by Contamination -- 3.1 Introduction: The Metabolism of a Global Infrastructure, Namely Shipping -- 3.2 Methods and Study Region -- 3.3 The Shipbreaking Industry -- 3.4 Hazardous Waste and Socio-Environmental Impacts -- 3.5 Looking Closer at the Ecological Distribution Conflict: The Blue Lady Case at the Supreme Court (2006-2007) -- 3.6 Conclusions: Capital Accumulation by Contamination at Alang -- 4. Delhi's Waste Conflict: An Unlikely Alliance Against Capital Accumulation by Dispossession and Contamination -- 4.1 Introduction: A Political Ecology of Urban Metabolism -- 4.2 Materiality and the Making of Urban Metabolisms -- 4.3 Delhi's Urban Metabolism -- 4.4 Conclusions: Contesting Urban Metabolism -- 5. Informal Waste Recyclers and Their Environmental Services: A Case for Recognition and Capital De-Accumulation -- 5.1 Introduction: The Black Box of the Informal Recycling Sector -- 5.2 Methods: Interviews, Focus Groups, Official Documents, Direct and Participant Observation -- 5.3 Formal Waste Management and the Informal Recycling Sector in Delhi, India -- 5.4 Proposed Methodology: Data from the Junk Dealers' Record Books -- 5.5 Results: The Metabolism of the Informal Recycling Sector
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This edition also issued in print: 2023
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