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Islamic Financial Institutions from the Early Modern Period to the 20th Century, Comparative Perspectives on the History and Development of Cash Waqfs, edited by Mehmet Bulut, Bora Altay, and Cem Korkut

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Intro -- Contents -- Notes on Contributors -- List of Figures -- List of Tables -- 1 Introduction -- 2 Ottoman Cash Waqf Contracts and the Transactions from the Fifteenth to Nineteenth Centuries: A Source for the New Cash Waqf Fintech Contract Model and SDGs -- Ottoman Waqf and Cash Waqf (Fifteenth to Nineteenth Centuries) -- Types of Ottoman Cash Waqf Contracts -- 1st Cash Waqf Contract: Mu'amele-i Serriye -- 2nd Cash Waqf Contracts: Istiglal, Murabaha, Bida'a, and Mudharaba Contracts -- Global Issues of Cash Waqf -- Cash Waqf Toward Islamic Fintech -- Revitalize Cash Waqf Through Islamic Fintech -- Conclusion -- References -- 3 Ottoman Practices of Zakat (Obligatory Alms): A Tax or Charity? -- Literature Review -- Tax Law, the Economic, and Social Structure of the Ottoman Empire -- Fiqh of Zakat -- Collection of Zakat -- Distribution of Zakat -- Discussion -- Conclusion -- References -- 4 Nano Entrepreneurship and Saving-Based Finance Concept in Waqf Literature: A Systematic Review and Future Research Direction -- Review Methodology -- Formula and Flowchart of SLR -- Search Strategy -- Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria -- Selection, Quality Assessment, and Data Extraction -- Analysis Tools -- Findings and Analysis -- Descriptive Classification -- Literature Classification -- Co-occurrence Networks Analysis -- Statistical Analysis -- Discussion -- Conclusion and Future Agenda -- Appendices -- Appendix A -- Appendix B -- Appendix C -- Appendix D -- References -- 5 Effects of Cash Waqfs on Sustainable Economic Development in the Balkans During the Early Modern Period -- Historical Background of Waqfs and Cash Waqfs -- Functions of Cash Waqfs as a Development Factor -- Cash Waqf Samples as Providers of Sustainable Development in Balkans -- The Waqf of Grand Vizier Suleyman Pasha b. Mürüvvet -- The Waqf of Murad Agha b. Osman Agha
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