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Mindsets for Parents, Strategies to Encourage Growth Mindsets in Kids, Mary Cay Ricci and Margaret Lee

"All parents want their children to be successful, but success is not just about giving your kids praise or setting them on the right direction. Research shows that success is often dependent on mindset. That's where the updated edition of Mindsets for Parents comes in! Designed to provide a roadmap for developing a growth mindset home environment, this book's conversational style and real-world examples make the popular mindsets topic approachable and engaging. It includes tools for informally assessing the mindsets of both parent and child, easy-to-understand updated brain research, brand new examples and prompts for self-reflection, as well as suggested strategies and resources for use with children of any age. Also included in this updated edition are book club questions, designed to get parent groups thinking and collaborating in order to make the most of these strategies. This book gives parents, guardians, coaches, caregivers, and anyone who works with children powerful knowledge and methods to help themselves and their children learn to embrace life's challenges with a growth mindset and an eye toward increasing their effort and success!"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Cover -- Endorsement -- Half Title -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Dedication -- Table of Contents -- Acknowledgments -- Introduction -- 1 What Are Mindsets and How Do They Affect Our Children? -- Shifting Mindsets -- Breakthroughs in Brain Research -- Intelligence and Measuring Intelligence -- The Role of Potential and Hard Work -- Growing Home Environments That Embrace a Growth Mindset -- Why Mindsets Matter at Home -- References -- 2 What Is the Role of Parents in Developing a Growth Mindset? -- The Parent Mindset Reflection Tool -- Fixed Mindset Parent? Growth Mindset Parent? Now What? -- The Parent's Mindset -- Mixed Mindset Families -- Discussion Questions to Ascertain a Child's Mindset -- What About Grades? -- Flexibility and Optimism -- Caution! Beware of the False Growth Mindset -- References -- 3 How Do Our Praise and Feedback Impact Our Children's Mindsets? -- The Praise Problem -- Growth Mindset Praise Type 1: Effort Praise -- Growth Mindset Praise Type 2: Strategy Praise -- Growth Mindset Praise Type 3: Persistence Praise -- The Power of Yet -- Practicing Growth Mindset Praise and Feedback -- References -- 4 Why Is It Important for Children to Understand How the Brain Works? -- Neuroscience 101 -- Neuroplasticity -- Increase Motivation? Decrease Frustration? Yes, Please! -- The Power of Language -- Visualize Neurons and Neural Connections -- Books and Online Resources About the Brain -- Books for Children -- Websites -- References -- 5 How Can We Develop Perseverance and Resiliency in Our Children? -- What Is Grit? -- Why Failure Is Important -- Inventions Created By Mistake -- Changing How Our Kids React to Failure -- References -- 6 What About Mindsets in School? -- Components of a Growth Mindset School -- Constructive Feedback and Redos -- But My Child Is a Math Genius! -- It Shouldn't Always Work -- Awards Assemblies
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Second edition.
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