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Marxist archaeology today, historical materialist perspectives in archaeology from America, Europe and the Near East in the 21st century, edited by Ianir Milevski

"This volume gathers papers written by archaeologists utilising the methods of historical materialism, attesting not only to what Marxism has contributed to archaeology, but also to what archaeology has contributed, and can contribute, to Marxism as a method for interpreting the history of humanity. The book's contributors consider the question of what archaeology can contribute to a historical perspective on the overcoming of present-day capitalism, synthesising developments in world archaeology, and supplying concrete case studies of the archaeology of the Americas, Europe and the Near East"--, Provided by publisher
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Marxist Archaeology Today : Observations on Dialectical Materialism in Archaeology, Its Sources and Tendencies / Ianir Milevski -- Work and Subsistence in Preceramic Groups in Southeast Mexico / Patricia Pe´rez Marti´nez and Guillermo Acosta Ochoa -- The Mode of Production of the Chalcolithic Period in Palestine / Ianir Milevski, Bernardo Gandulla and Pablo Jaruf -- An Exceptional Case of the Urban Revolution? A Marxist Perspective on the Preclassical Maya / Marcus Bajema -- Violence in the Prehispanic Andes : Materialities, Social Practices and the Moche Case / Alex Gonzales-Panta and Henry Tantalea´n -- Marx, Marxism and Classical Antiquity / Steve Roskams -- Marxism, Historical Archaeology and Capitalism's 'Laws of Motion' / LouAnn Wurst -- Marxism, Production, Society and Archaeology / Vicente Lull -- Politics and Social Ontology in Prehistory / Vicente Lull, Rafael Mico´, Cristina Rihuete Herrada and Roberto Risch -- Vere Gordon Childe and Latin American Social Archaeology / Marcelo Vitores -- Transitions : from Archaeology to Historical Materialism / Savas Michael-Matsas
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