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Hermann Rorschach's psychodiagnostics, Philip J. Keddy [and three others] (translators and editors)

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Hermann Rorschach's Psychodiagnostics -- Table of Contents -- Acknowledgments -- List of Tables, Illustrations, and Figures -- Foreword -- Praise for the Book -- Introductory Chapters to the Newly Translated and Annotated 100th Anniversary Edition of Psychodiagnostics -- Introduction to the Newly Translated and Annotated 100th Anniversary Edition -- Excerpt From an Obituary on Hermann Rorschach (1884-1922) -- Biography of Hermann Rorschach -- The Creation of Psychodiagnostics -- Psychodiagnostics Methodology and Results of a Perceptual-Diagnostic Experiment (Eliciting Interpretations of Accidental Forms) -- Introduction to Psychodiagnostics -- List of Signs and Abbreviations -- I. The Method -- 1. Test Materials -- 2. Procedure -- 3. Interpretation of Pictures as Perception -- II. The Factors of the Experiment -- 1. Statement of Problems -- 2. Number of Responses -- 3. Reaction Time -- 4. Failure to Respond -- 5. Form, Kinesthetic, and Color Factors in Their Relation to the Perception Process -- a) Form Responses (F) -- b) Movement Responses (M) -- c) Color Responses (FC, CF, and C) -- d) Incidence of M and C in the Same Interpretation -- 6. Modes of Visual Grasping of the Inkblots -- a) Formulation of Questions -- b) Determining the Modes of Visual Grasping -- c) Number of W, D, Dd, and So Forth -- d) Visual-Grasping Types -- e) Succession in the Modes of Visual Grasping -- 7. Descriptive Content of Interpretations and Percentage of Animal Responses -- 8. Original Responses -- 9. Summary -- III. Addenda to the Methodology -- 1. Prerequisites of the Individual Plates -- 2. Parallel Series -- 3. Control Experiments -- 4. Recording Technique -- IV. Results -- 1. The "Intelligence" -- a) A High Percentage of Good Form Responses (Optimal F+ Percentage) -- b) The Optimally Strict Succession in the Modes of Visual Grasping ("Orderly" Succession)
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