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Connected to Whom? International Interbank Borrowing During the Global Crisis, Kalin Tintchev

The unprecedented collapse of international interbank borrowing was a prominent feature of the global financial crisis that started in August 2007. This paper focuses on the drivers of the retrenchment from 32 advanced and emerging banking systems. Using novel risk-weighted indexes the paper examines whether the banking systems’ access to credit was related to their domestic financial soundness and exposure to distressed international counterparties. The empirical findings suggest that both domestic and international risk factors contributed to the decline in international interbank borrowing during the crisis
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Cover; Abstract; Content; I. Introduction; II. Related Literature; III. Cross-Border Counterparty Risk; Figures; 1. Common Creditor and Borrower Effects; IV. Empirical Model; 2. Balance Sheet Effects: Credit and Liquidity Shocks; V. The Variables; A. Credit Risk Index; B. Indirect Credit Risk Index; C. Liquidity Risk Index; D. Indirect Liquidity Risk Index; E. Macroeconomic Variables; VI. Data; VII. Stylized Facts; VIII. Empirical Findings; 3. International Interbank Borrowing, December 2005-September 2011; 4. Cumulative Change in International Borrowing, December 2007-September 2011; Tables
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