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The feminist subversion of the economy, contributions for life against capital, Amaia Pérez Orozco ; translated from Spanish by Liz Mason-Deese

What does a dignified life-transforming gendered labor divisions and a racialized, exploitative, feminized care economy-look like and how can we collectively build it
Table Of Contents
Intro -- Copyright -- Title Page -- Contents -- Translator's Preface -- Introduction -- The Ecosocial Transition from the Perspective of Sustaining Life -- The immediate confluence of critical perspectives -- Centering the sustaining of life -- The Desire to Contribute to the Collective Creation of a Feminist Thought for Subversion -- Where does this book come from? -- Creating a new way of thinking? -- Collective thinking or collective creation? -- Feminist? -- For subversion? -- (Fleeing from) Male-Oriented Paradigms for Thinking about the Economy and the Crisis -- The Diversity of Feminist Approaches to Economics -- Feminist economics? -- Gender economics and equality (of opportunities): Good for women, good for everyone -- Feminist economics: From integration to rupture -- Epistemology: Do we see better with purple glasses? -- Discovering the invisible: The economy that does not move money -- Methodology: The master's tools? -- Politics: Equality in/from/against the system? -- The road ahead -- What This Book Is About: A Summary -- 1 | The Perspective of Sustaining Life -- The Crisis Is Not the Crisis -- Our Point of View Matters -- The real truth of orthodoxy -- Giving preference to the perspective of the oppressed -- The role of language and the diversity of points of view -- Situated knowledge and partial truths that, together, (re)build better worlds -- Centering Sustaining Life: What Type of Life? -- The discussion about wealth and well-being -- What is a life that is worth living? -- How are the Conditions of Possibility for Life Sustained? -- Are we dependent on the wage? Yes, but … -- Denaturalizing the nexus between quality of life and consumption/wages -- Is Talking about Care the Same as Talking about Sustaining Life? -- Questioning the system from the perspective of caring for life
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