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Capitalism in the 21st century, through the prism of value, Guglielmo Carchedi and Michael Roberts - electronic bk

A sweeping, authoritative and accessible overview of major issues in the global economy from a Marxist perspective
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Cover -- Title -- Copyright -- Contents -- List of Figures -- List of Tables -- Introduction -- 1. Value and Nature -- Marx and Engels on Nature -- Labour and Nature: The Source of Wealth -- Measuring the Damage -- Nature and Rent -- Raw Materials and Profitability -- Global Warming and Climate Change -- Mainstream economics and climate change -- Measuring Global Warming and Growth -- The Market Solution -- The 'Degrowth' Solution -- The Planning Solution -- Pandemics: Nature Strikes Back -- 2. Money, Prices and Value -- Marx's Value Theory of Money -- Modern Monetary Theory -- Cryptocurrencies -- Digital Currencies -- Inflation -- 3. Crises and Value -- Marx's Theory of Crises -- Marx's Theory of Crisis Is Both Cyclical and Secular -- Alternative Marxist Theories of Crises -- 4. Imperialism and Value -- Global Growth and Profitability of Capital -- Productivity and Imperialism -- Lenin and Modern Imperialism -- The Economics of Imperialism: The Evidence -- Alternative Views of UE -- Super-exploitation -- Measuring Unequal Exchange in Trade -- Is China Imperialist? -- Summary -- 5. Robots, Knowledge and Value -- Robots and the Law of Value -- Knowledge and Value -- How Is Knowledge Produced? -- Machine 'Thinking' -- Individual and Social Knowledge -- Class Knowledge -- The Myth of the Non-neutrality of Knowledge -- Value and the Internet -- Conclusion -- 6. Socialism -- Value and Socialism -- The Transitional Economy -- Case Study: The Soviet Union -- Case Study: China's Transition -- Productivity versus Profitability -- State Capitalism or a Transitional Economy? -- Socialist Planning versus the Law of Value -- Appendix 1. The Value Theory of Inflation: The Method -- Appendix 2. Measuring Unequal Exchange in International Trade -- Notes -- Bibliography -- Index
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