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Nasty politics, the logic of insults, threats, and incitement, Thomas Zeitzoff.

In 'Nasty Politics', Thomas Zeitzoff examines this global political trend of nasty politics in the US, Ukraine, and Israel and looks at how key leaders such as Trump, Zelensky, and Netanyahu use it. Drawing on surveys, case studies, in-depth interviews, databases of nasty politics, and large social media datasets, Zeitzoff shows that the public generally doesn't like nasty politics. But it can also be a way to signal toughness to voters, which is especially important in threatening times. Featuring a powerful theory of why nastiness takes hold in democratic polities, this book highlights how nasty politics influences the kinds of politicians who run for office and deepens our understanding for why so many politicians now rely on outsized anger and withering insults for political gain
Table Of Contents
Cover -- Nasty Politics: The Logic of Insults, Threats, and Incitement -- Copyright -- Dedication -- Contents -- Preface -- Acknowledgments -- List of Figures -- List of Tables -- 1: The Nasty Style of Politics -- 1.1 Why Politicians Engage in Nasty Politics -- 1.1.1 What Is Nasty Politics -- 1.1.2 Preview of the Theory -- The Demand Side: What the Public Wants -- The Supply Side: Why Politicians Go Nasty -- Nasty Politics and Democracy -- 1.2 Previous Scholarship on Nasty Politics -- 1.2.1 Insights from Comparative Politics and Political Violence -- 1.2.2 Insight from American Politics -- 1.2.3 Insight from Political Psychology and Political Communication -- 1.2.4 What's Missing? -- 1.2.5 Resolving the Paradox of Nasty Politics -- 1.3 Case Selection -- Why Ukraine and the U.S.? -- Israel: The Middle Case -- 1.4 Outline of the Book -- 2: A Theory of Nasty Politics -- 2.1 Are Voters Just Lying to Us and Themselves? -- 2.2 Demand Side -- 2.2.1 Don't Go Too Nasty . . . Except if You're in My Ingroup -- 2.2.2 Personality Driven Politics -- 2.2.3 Looking for a Little Protection -- 2.3 Supply Side -- 2.3.1 Attention and Distraction -- 2.3.2 Sometimes It Pays to Be the Bully -- 2.3.3 The Outsiders and the Losers -- 2.4 What Nasty Politics Means for Democracy -- 2.5 Summing up the Theory of Nasty Politics -- 3: From Insults to Incitement in U.S., Ukrainian, and Israeli Politics -- 3.1 Factions and Nastiness in U.S. Politics -- 3.2 Oligarchs, Contention, and Nasty Politics in Ukraine -- 3.2.1 Kuchma and the Orange Revolution (2004-2005) -- 3.2.2 Trial and Imprisonment of Yulia Tymoshenko -- 3.2.3 Ukrainian Politics before and after the Euromaidan Revolution -- 3.3 Netanyahu and Nasty Politics in Israel -- 3.4 Elections, Protests, COVID, and Nasty Politics -- 3.4.1 Protests, Pandemic, and U.S. Politics
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Also issued in print: 2023
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