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Nanosensors for Environmental Applications, edited by Satish Kumar Tuteja, Divya Arora, Neeraj Dilbaghi, Eric Lichtfouse

This book provides a comprehensive overview on the most important types of nanosensor platforms explored and developed in the recent years for efficient detection of environmental/clinical analytes. The chapters cover basic aspects of functioning principles and describe the technologies and challenges of present and future pesticide, metal ions, toxic gases analytical sensing approaches and environmental sensors. Nanosensors are nanoscale miniature devices used for sensing of analyte in ultra-low range. These have gained considerable interest in environmental applications such as environmental chemistry and functionalization approaches, environmental engineering, sustainability, green technology for sensing, environmental health monitoring, pesticide detection, metal and ions detection using electrochemical and wireless sensor
Table Of Contents
Preface (Satish Tuteja, Divya Arora, Neeraj Dilbaghi, Eric Lichtfouse) -- 1. Biosensors applications in the detection of heavy metals, polychlorinated biphenyls, biological oxygen demand, endocrine disruptors, hormones, dioxin, phenolic and organophosphorus compounds (Madan L. Verma) -- 2. Biofunctionalized nanostructured materials for sensing of pesticides (Jyotsana Mehta) -- 3. Analytical detection of pesticides, pollutants and pharmaceutical waste in the environment (Elsa M. Materon) -- 4. Two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides for gas sensing applications (Nirav Joshi) -- 5. Carbon nanolights as optical nanosensors for water contaminants (Vinay Sharma, Shaikh M Mobin) -- 6. Point-of-care sensors for on-site detection of pesticides (Neeti Kalyani) -- 7. Development of optical sensor strips for point-of-care testing for pesticide (Satish Kumar Pandey) -- 8. Metals and ions detection using electrochemical and wireless sensor (Rajnish Kaur)
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1st ed. 2020.
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