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Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction in Sub-Saharan Africa, Gary Moser, Toshihiro Ichida

This study confirms a strong and robust relationship between economic growth and poverty reduction in sub-Saharan Africa. Employing a panel of 46 countries covering the period 1972-97, the analysis finds that a 10 percent increase in per capita GDP leads to a 1 percent increase in life expectancy, a 3-4 percent decline in infant mortality rates, and a 3½-4 percent increase in the rate of gross primary school enrollment. The results are robust for high- and low-income, as well as fast- and slow-growth, countries. The study also finds that quality of growth, civil conflict, HIV/AIDs, civil and institutional freedom, and island economies are important control variables that help explain the variability of poverty across Africa. A country's latitude is not found to be a significant factor explaining life expectancy or infant mortality rates, though it is a significant factor explaining gross primary school enrollments
Table Of Contents
Intro -- Contents -- I. Introduction -- II. The Links Between Growth and Poverty -- III. Poverty Trends in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) -- A. Africa's Widening Poverty Gap -- B. Civil Conflict and Poverty -- C. Economic Growth and Poverty -- D. HIV/AIDS and Poverty -- IV. Framework for Empirical Analysis-Methodology -- V. Empirical Results -- A. Causal Relationship Between Growth and Non-Income Poverty -- B. Empirical Results-The Basic Model -- C. Empirical Results-The Basic Model With Country Sub-Groupings -- D. Empirical Results-An Expanded Model With Policy and Control Variables -- VI. Tentative Conclusions -- References -- Text Tables -- 1. Share of population Living Below US1 per day -- 2. Nonincome Poverty Indicators, Real GDP and Population, 1980-99 -- 3. Sub-Saharan Africa: Poverty Trends, Conflict and Nonconflict Countries, 1972-97 -- 4. Nonincome Poverty Trends in SSA by Income Level and Growth Rates, 1972-97 -- 5. Summary Test Results -- 6. GDP per capita and Poverty: Basic Model with Country Groupings -- 7. Summary of Expanded Instrumental Variable Model -- 8. Summary of Expanded Model, Including Quality of Growth -- Box -- 1. Sub-Saharan Africa: Income of the Poor and National Income -- Figures -- 1. Sub-Saharan African Countries: Life Expectancy and Per Capita GDP -- 2. Sub-Saharan African Countries: Infant Mortality and Per Capita GDP -- 3. Sub-Saharan African Countries: Primary Education Enrollment and Per Capita GDP -- Appendix Tables -- 1. Data Definitions and Sources -- 2. Country Groupings Used in Table 6
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