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The social policy of the AKP towards the Kurds, healthcare provision in Hakkâri (2003-2014), Ilker Cörüt

The book discusses the reasons for the failure of the AKP to establish Turkish hegemony over Kurds by focusing on the persistence of patient dissatisfaction in Hakkâri, a small Kurdish province, during the period 2003-2014, despite the considerable improvements to healthcare achieved in these years
Table Of Contents
Cover -- Table of Contents -- List of Figures -- List of Tables -- Preface -- Acknowledgements -- List of Abbreviations -- 1 Introduction -- 1.1 Research Objective -- 1.2 Theoretical Framework -- 1.3 Fieldwork: Field and Methodology -- 1.4 Overview -- 2 The Kurdish Question, Sovereign Violence, and Hakkâri -- 2.1 Historical Background of the Kurdish Question -- 2.2 Sovereign Violence and State Incapacity -- 2.3 Dehumanization: Sovereign Violence and the Official Discourse on Kurds -- 2.4 Sovereign Violence in Hakkâri -- 2.5 Privatization of Sovereignty in Hakkâri -- 2.6 Conclusion -- 3 Indirect State Racism, Healthcare Provision, and Hakkâri -- 3.1 Indirect State Racism -- 3.2 Indirect State Racism toward Hakkâri: Not an Ethnic Phenomenon? -- 3.3 Poverty of Healthcare Provision as Indirect State Racism toward Hakkâri -- 3.4 Conclusion -- 4 Turkish Nationalism, the Kurdish Question, and Hakkâri: Discourses and Practices, 2003-2014 -- 4.1 The AKP: From Conservative Democracy to Authoritarian Conservatism -- 4.2 The AKP and the Kurdish Question -- 4.3 The AKP's Turkish Nationalism -- 4.4 The AKP's Turkish Nationalism and Hakkâri -- 4.5 The Limits of the AKP's Turkish Nationalism in Hakkâri -- 4.6 Conclusion -- 5 The Persistence of Patient Dissatisfaction as a Mass Phenomenon -- 5.1 Dissatisfaction with Healthcare Provision in Hakkâri: A Mass Phenomenon -- 5.2 An Analysis of Dissatisfaction with Healthcare Provision in Hakkâri -- 5.3 Conclusion: Dissatisfaction as Citizenship versus Turkishness -- 6 The Compulsory Public Service of Doctors (CPSD) in Hakkâri -- 6.1 CPSD, the Production of National Space, and the Kurdish Question -- 6.2 Unitary Theory of Space as a Key to Understanding Doctors in Hakkâri -- 6.3 Production of Space as Endurance: Nothing to Be Discovered, but a Bundle of Problems to Be Passively Managed
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