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Democracy at the Crossroads, Joseph Goddard and Russell Duncan - pbk

This sixth-edition of a well-established and popular introduction to life in the United States covers everything from US politics, society and culture, to the country's history, economy and place on the world stage. With extensive use of empirical data and illustrative material, Contemporary United States offers readers critical commentary on key political developments and allows them to place this within a wider historical and cultural context. This new edition offers coverage of all of the latest domestic and international developments, including: -The continuing divide between rich and poor, addressing social, legal, economic, and political inequality -The domestic and international ramifications of the Covid-19-induced recession -The rise of China -The return of Putin -The complexity of problems in North Korea, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan -The #MeToo and the Black Lives Matter movements -The ongoing wars on Terror -Trump's use of 'blunt power' at home and abroad -The Biden administration to date Contemporary United States takes a broad, balanced approach - considering conservative and liberal, pragmatic and idealistic perspectives in each chapter - and draws on ideas and frameworks from across the humanities and social sciences. It is essential reading for those taking modules on contemporary America across degree programmes in American studies and civilization, English studies, history, sociology and politics
Table Of Contents
Introduction -- History -- Land and people -- Government -- Politics and democracy -- Society -- Religion, education, social policy -- Culture, media, sports -- The economy -- Global politics -- Prospects
Literary Form
6th ed.
Physical Description
xvii, 385 pages, illustrations, 24 cm

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