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Productivity and efficiency measurement of airlines, data development analysis using R, Boon L. Lee

In today's competitive environment, airlines are doing everything they can to improve efficiency and productivity. Productivity and Efficiency Measurement of Airlines: Data Envelopment Analysis using R identifies and explains sources of airline efficiency and helps achieve these goals through the use of state-of-the-art measurement techniques. Each chapter measures airline performance through the data envelopment analysis (DEA) model and other DEA variants. This book thoroughly discusses topics such as cost and revenue efficiency performance, carbon emissions performance management, and complex airline data analysis, employing appropriate models for each. Model methodologies are also discussed. The in-depth coverage is useful for all audiences, including students with a basic understanding of models, researchers and airline operators and management. Productivity and Efficiency Measurement of Airlines: Data Envelopment Analysis using R provides R codes to help readers generate results and quantify efficient practices. These results provide airline decision-makers with the essential information they need to create better policies and avoid underperforming practices. Thoroughly summarizes key DEA measurement models for productivity and efficiency of airlines Guides users in generating airline performance results using DEA model and its variants Features R codes useful for generating empirical results, and best practices, promoting quality policy and management decisions
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Front Cover -- Productivity and Efficiency Measurement of Airlines -- Productivity and Efficiency Measurement of Airlines:Data Envelopment Analysis using R -- Copyright -- Dedication -- Contents -- Preface -- 1 - Introduction -- 1.1 Introduction -- 1.2 Evolution and deregulation of the global airline industry-a brief comment -- 1.3 A brief history of developments in data envelopment analysis -- 1.4 Outline of chapters -- References -- 2 - Literature on data envelopment analysis in airline efficiency and productivity -- 2.1 Introduction -- 2.2 Literature on airline efficiency using standard data envelopment analysis model -- 2.3 Literature on airline cost efficiency, revenue efficiency and profit efficiency -- 2.4 Literature on airline productivity change performance -- 2.5 Literature on airline efficiency incorporating bad output -- 2.6 Literature on airline performance based on network DEA or DEA linked by phases -- 2.7 Literature on airline efficiency using other variations of DEA models -- 2.8 Literature on airline efficiency incorporating second-stage regression analysis -- 2.9 Conclusion -- References -- 3 - Measuring airline performance: standard DEA -- 3.1 Introduction -- 3.2 Data issues -- 3.2.1 Provision model -- 3.2.2 Delivery model -- 3.2.3 Cost and revenue efficiency model -- 3.3 DEA models -- 3.3.1 CCR model -- 3.3.2 BCC model -- 3.3.3 Cost minimization model -- 3.3.4 Revenue maximization model -- 3.4 R package -- 3.5 R script for DEA, results and interpretation of results -- 3.5.1 R script for DEA (Charnes et al. 1978) CCR model -- 3.5.2 Interpretation of DEA (CCR) results for the 'provision' model -- Interpreting radial (proportionate) and slack movements -- Scale efficiency -- 3.5.3 R script for DEA ('delivery' model) -- 3.5.4 Interpretation of DEA results for the 'delivery' model
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