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Lectures on China's traditional political thoughts, Xu Datong, translated by Yang Dan

The book discusses the major schools of China's traditional political thoughts, including the Confucian School, the Mohists' School, the Daoists' School and the Legalists' School. The book offers an accurate depiction of ancient Chinese intellectuals and compares different political ideological systems in China and the West
Table Of Contents
Cover -- HalfTitle -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Contents -- Foreword -- ·1· Introduction -- ·2· Political Thoughts and Basic Characteristics -- What Is Political Thought -- Basic Characteristics of Political Thoughts and Basic Methods of Studying the History of Political Thoughts -- Attributes of Class and Society -- Attributes of the Era and Inheritance -- Attributes of Nation and Confluence -- Comparative Study of Political Thoughts -- ·3· Clues and Features of the History of Ancient China -- China's Traditional Political Thoughts Centering on State-Governance -- Basic Clues of Ancient China's Political Thoughts -- Conclusion -- ·4· Focuses of Ancient China's Political Thoughts -- Focus on Agriculture -- Focus on People -- Focus on Family -- Focus on Unity -- Focus on Harmony -- Focus on Virtue -- ·5· Different Political Ideological Systems -- Specific Political Ideological Systems in China -- Different Political Ideological Systems with Different Mentalities -- Different Political Ideological Systems with Different Focuses -- Different Political Ideological Systems with Different Developmental Traits -- Treating China's Political Ideological Traditions and Understanding Achievements of Western Political Ideology Accurately -- ·6· Intellectuals in Ancient China -- Introduction -- Common People vs. Non-Official Intellectuals22 -- Development -- Further Development -- ·7· Confucius' Governance Philosophy -- Preview -- Governance Through Ren13 -- Governance Through De30 -- State Governance Through De -- Exerting Education Through De -- Governance Through Li (Rites)38 -- Evolution of Confucianism -- Conclusion -- ·8· Mo Di's Social and Political Philosophies -- First Thinker in Ancient China Reflecting the Demands of Laborers -- On the Relationship between Mozi and Confucians -- Mozi's Class Attributes
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