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Guns and Ledgers, China and the East Asian World in the Age of Early Economic Globalization, Bozhong Li and Kek Koon Wee

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Intro -- Preface to the English Edition -- Preface to the Chinese Edition: How This Book Came About and Notes on the Text -- Contents -- List of Figures -- 1 What Kind of Book Is This? -- 1.1 New Trends in History Writing -- 1.2 Global History -- 1.3 Popular History -- 1.4 East Asia, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, and the East Asian World -- 1.5 The Fifteenth to Seventeenth Centuries: The Beginning of Momentous Changes in World History -- 2 The World That Trade Created -- 2.1 Globalization, Economic Globalization, and Early Economic Globalization -- 2.2 The Silk Road: The World Trade Network Before the Fifteenth Century -- 2.3 The Age of Voyages: The Beginning of Economic Globalization -- 2.4 The Stage: The World at the Time of Early Economic Globalization -- 2.5 The Props: The Goods Traded Internationally in the Time of Early Economic Globalization -- 2.5.1 Raw Silk and Silk Products -- 2.5.2 Ceramics -- 2.5.3 Tea -- 2.5.4 Cane Sugar -- 2.5.5 Spices -- 2.6 The Actors: The Merchants Who Were Involved in International Trade in Early Economic Globalization -- 2.7 The Theme Song: Silver in the International Trade of Early Economic Globalization -- 3 The Military Revolution in the Era of Early Economic Globalization -- 3.1 Military Affairs and Economic Globalization -- 3.2 The Gunpowder Revolution: The Development of Global Gunpowder Weapons Before the Sixteenth Century -- 3.3 A Turning Point in History in the Sixteenth Century: The Military Revolution of Early Modern Western Europe -- 3.4 The Export of 'Chinese Learning': The Spread of Gunpowder Technology Before the Sixteenth Century -- 3.4.1 The Middle Zone: The Westward Spread of Gunpowder Technology -- 3.4.2 The Eastern Fringe: The Eastward Spread of Gunpowder Technology -- 3.5 The Spread of 'Western Learning': The Dissemination of Gunpowder Technology in the Sixteen and Seventeenth Centuries
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