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Digital detox, why taking a break from technology can improve your well- being, Bernadette H. Schell

This book discusses the dangers of too much technology use, explores the benefits of digital detoxing, and outlines the different programs and approaches available to help you unplug. It's an invaluable resource for readers looking to establish a healthier relationship with the digital world. Health professionals and the general public are becoming increasingly aware that addiction to the internet, social media, online games, and other forms of technology has become a real problem with significant negative impacts on physical, psychological, and social health. To combat this issue, some are now undertaking a "digital detox," and many options have emerged to help individuals unplug, whether for a weekend or for longer-term change. Digital Detox: Why Taking a Break from Technology Can Improve Your Well-Being explores both the dark side of technology's ever-present existence in today's world and what individuals can do to find better balance in their digital lives. Part I explores addiction to the internet and other novel technologies. What effect does overindulgence in social media, gaming, online shopping, or even "doomscrolling" through internet news sites have on our self-esteem, relationships with others, and happiness? This section also explores how researchers study and quantify technology addiction. Part II focuses on the digital detox countermovement, examining how various programs, support groups, retreats, and even technology itself can help individuals conquer their digital addictions
Table Of Contents
Preface Part One Digital Addictions Chapter 1 Internet and Online Addictions: An Overview Chapter 2 Types of Internet Addiction Chapter 3 Ways to Measure Internet Addictions Chapter 4 Treatments for Internet Addictions Part Two Digital Detox Remedies: Do They Work? Chapter 5 The Digital Detox Countermovement Chapter 6 Externally Imposed Digital Detoxes: Do They Work for Generation Z Students? Chapter 7 Self-Guided Digital Detoxes and Tech Addict Self-Help Groups Chapter 8 Digital Detox Holidays and Tourism Chapter 9 The Digital Detox Company and Camp Grounded Chapter 10 Fighting Technology with Technology to Improve Well-Being Chapter 11 Future Research Directions on Digital Detox: Insights Gained during the COVID-19 Global Pandemic Bibliography Index
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non fiction
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1 online resource (xiii, 255 pages), illustrations, charts
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