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Creating the post-Soviet Russian market economy, through American eyes, Daniel Satinsky

"This book captures the essence of the period when Russians and Americans collaborated in creating new structures of government and new businesses in completely uncharted conditions. It presents the experiences of key American participants in late Soviet and post-Soviet Russia during a time when Americans thought anything was possible in Russia. Using an analytic framework of foreground ideas (Western, liberal & neo-liberal) and background forces (Russian cultural influences, nationalism, and lingering Soviet ideology), it examines the ideas and intentions of the people involved. First-person interviews with consultants, businesspeople, and citizen diplomats help capture the essence of this turbulent reform period through the eyes of those who experienced it and presents the importance of this experience as a piece of the puzzle in understanding contemporary Russia. It will be an invaluable resource for students of international relations, Russian studies majors, researchers, and members of the general public who are trying to understand the evolution of the current antagonism between the US and Russia"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Cover -- Endorsement -- Half Title -- Series Information -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Dedication -- Table of Contents -- Acknowledgments -- Introduction -- Methodology -- Real-Life Experiences and Stereotypes -- Focus and Structure -- Chapter Topics -- Analytic Themes -- Transformation From Soviet Planned Economy to Russian Market Economy -- Russian Historical Pattern of Modernization -- Political Control and Agency in the Reform of Russia -- Russian History of Resilience -- Notes -- 1 The Permeable Iron Curtain: Citizen Diplomacy and American Soviet Joint Ventures -- California Dreaming - Counter-Cultural Roots of Citizen Diplomacy -- Esalen Institute - Human Potential Research Morphs Into Citizen Diplomacy -- Space Bridges - Citizen Diplomacy Takes a Technological Leap -- People to People Contact -- Sister Cities -- Project Harmony -- Center for Citizen Initiatives -- Rotary Clubs -- Business in the Era of Citizen Diplomacy -- San Francisco/Moscow Teleport -- Dialog - First Important Soviet American Joint Venture -- DialogBank - First Non-State Bank -- Perestroika Joint Venture - First Real Estate Developer -- TrenMos - American Dining in Moscow -- Science Solutions, Inc. - Technology Scouting -- Late Soviet-Era Partnerships - Dancing in the Dark -- Notes -- 2 US Government Aid Programs: Supporting Transition to a Market Economy and Promoting Civil Society -- US Support of the Yeltsin Agenda -- Transition to a Russian Market Economy -- Peace Corps - First Shock Troops of Capitalism in Russian Regions -- Food System Restructuring Program in Vladivostok - Turning a Grand Failure Into Unexpected Success -- Business Information Service for the Newly Independent States (BISNIS) - Bringing American Business to Russian Regional Markets -- Business for Russia and Community Connections - Bringing Russians to America -- Promoting Civil Society
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