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Soil pollution, from monitoring to remediation, edited by Armando C. Duarte, University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal, Anabela Cachada, University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal, CIIMAR-UP, University of Porto, Matosinhos, Portugal, Teresa Rocha-Santos, University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal

This book provides comprehensive information on soil pollution, including causes, distribution, transport, the transformation and fate of pollutants in soil, and metabolite accumulation. It covers organic, inorganic and nanoparticle pollutants and methodologies for their monitoring, and features a critical discussion on ecotoxicological and human effects of soil pollution, and strategies for soil protection and remediation.
Table Of Contents
Machine generated contents note:, 1., Soil and Pollution: An Introduction to the Main Issues, Armando C. Duarte, 1.1., General Aspects of Soil, 1.2., Soil Pollution: Major Causes, 1.3., Potential Effects on the Environment and Human Health, 1.4., Strategies and Policies for Soil Protection, Acknowledgments, References, 2., Distribution, Transport and Fate of Pollutants, Eduardo Ferreira da Silva, 2.1., Soil Pollution Overview, 2.2., Factors Affecting Soil Pollutants Distribution, Transport and Fate, 2.3., Soil Pollutants Transport, 2.4., Methodologies for Modeling Pollutants Leaching and Transport: An Overview, Acknowledgments, References, 3., Changes in Soil Ecosystem Structure and Functions Due to Soil Contamination, Maria N. Gonzalez-Alcaraz, 3.1., Introduction, 3.2., Soil Ecosystem Structure, 3.3., Soil Ecosystem Functions, 3.4., Soil Ecosystem Services, Acknowledgments, References, 4., Pollutants Transformation and Metabolite Accumulation in Soils, Eduarda Pereira, 4.1., Introduction, 4.2., Transformation of Pollutants and Respective Formation of Metabolites in Soils, 4.3., Conclusions and Perspectives, Acknowledgments, References, 5., Organic Pollutants in Soils, Nicola Senesi, 5.1., Introduction, 5.2., Sources, Behavior, and Fate of OPs in Soils, 5.3., Analytical Strategies for Determining OPs in Soils, 5.4., Concluding Remarks, Acknowledgments, References, 6., Inorganic Pollutants in Soils, Nuno Duraes, 6.1., Introduction, 6.2., Sources and Levels of Potential Toxic Elements (PTEs) in Soils, 6.3., Methodologies for Monitoring PTEs in Soils, 6.4., Case Study: Copper in Douro Vineyards Soils, 6.5., Case Study: Sources and Spatial Distribution of Cr and Pb in Athens Soil, 6.6., Case Study: Arsenic and Metal Soil Contamination in a Historical Mining Zone (Zimapan, Mexico), Acknowledgments, References, 7., Nanomaterials as Soil Pollutants, Cornelis A.M. Van Gestel, 7.1., Introduction, 7.2., Routes of Entry of ENM into Soil During Nano-enabled Products Life Cycle, 7.3., Fate in Soil, 7.4., Bioavailability of ENM, 7.5., Biological Interactions of ENM in Soils, 7.6., Exposure and Hazard Assessment of ENM, 7.7., Toxicokinetics of ENM, 7.8., Trophic Transfer of ENM, Acknowledgments, References, 8., Ecotoxicological Effects and Risk Assessment of Pollutants, Christian P. Andersen, 8.1., Soil Ecotoxicology in Risk Assessment: Applications and Developments, 8.2., Frameworks, Legal Support, and Implementation of ERA, 8.3., Future Perspectives, Acknowledgments, References, 9., Human Health Risks and Soil Pollution, Paul F.A.M. Romkens, 9.1., Introduction, 9.2., Human Health Risks from Soil Pollution, 9.3., Factors Affecting Potential Human Health Hazardous Effects, 9.4., Tools to Assess Human Health Risks, 9.5., Inclusion of Site-Specific Bioavailability Measurements in Risk Assessment, 9.6., Emerging Issues and Case Studies, 9.7., Conclusions, Acknowledgments, References, Further Reading, 10., Strategies for Soil Protection and Remediation, Amarilis de Varennes, 10.1., Introduction, 10.2., Phytoremediation Techniques and Principles, 10.3., Assisted Phytostabilization in Mine-Contaminated Soils, 10.4., Industrially Contaminated Site Remediation, 10.5., Sustainable Management Systems and Environmental Policies for Soil Protection, Acknowledgments, References
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