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This Selected Issues paper discusses the assessment of economic activity in Togo in absence of quarterly GDP series. Togo collects about 40 macroeconomic indicators monthly that span a wide range of sectors of the economy. The selection of the variables for the economic activity index is conducted by finding the combination of variables. The indicators are aggregated into an index using a methodology used by the Conference Board. Then an economic activity index is constructed that effectively replicates the historical growth rates of real GDP in Togo. The selected index minimizes the deviations between the growth rates of the indicator and actual real GDP growth over 2002–13
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Cover -- CONTENTS -- ASSESSING ECONOMIC ACTIVITY IN COUNTRIES WITHOUT QUARTERLY GDP SERIES: THE CASE OF TOGO -- A. Background -- B. Analytical Framework -- C. Results: the Case of Togo -- D. Robustness: the Case of Rwanda -- E. Recent Developments in Togo -- F. Policy Implications -- FIGURES -- 1. GDP and EAI -- 2. GDP growth and economic activity indicators -- 3. Recent developments in selected economic indicators -- TABLE -- 1. Variables included in the Economic Activity Index by Sector -- APPENDIX -- Computation of the Index -- References -- WHAT EXPLAINS INFLATION DYNAMICS IN TOGO? THE IMPORTANCE OF FOOD PRICES -- A. Background -- B. Analytical Framework -- C. Econometric Evidence in the Case of Togo -- D. Policy Implications -- FIGURES -- 1. GDP growth and Inflation in the WAEMU countries -- 2. Monetary Policy in the WAEMU -- 3. Consumer Price Index -- 4. Total and Sub-Components of Inflation -- 5. Transmission of shocks from food inflation to core inflation -- TABLES -- 1. Mean and Volatility of Total and Sub-Components of Inflation -- 2. Persistence estimates for Total Inflation and Sub-Components in Togo -- References -- POLICIES FOR SUSTAINABLE GROWTH -- A. Stylized Facts on Structural Transformation in Togo -- B. Recent trends in the structure of output and exports -- C. Gains from Structural Transformation -- D. Determinants of Structural Transformation: Relevance for Togo -- E. Conclusions -- BOX -- 1. Stylized Facts: policies fostering structural transformation -- FIGURES -- 1. Growth, 1980-2014 -- 2. Output Diversification -- 3. Export Product and Partner Diversification -- 4. Gains from Structural Transformation and Diversification -- 5. Scaling Up, Growth, Debt, and Investment Efficiency -- References
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