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Caring for Cultural Heritage, An Integrated Approach to Legal and Ethical Initiatives in the United Kingdom, Charlotte Woodhead

This book comprehensively analyses the UK law and non-law instruments that care for cultural heritage. Viewing the law as a community of care, working with other communities, brings new insights to our understanding of cultural heritage protection, making this book of interest to legal and heritage academics and practitioners
Table Of Contents
Cover -- Half-title page -- Series page -- Title page -- Copyright page -- Dedication -- Contents -- Acknowledgements -- 1 Introduction -- 1.1 Scope of Enquiry -- 1.2 The Importance of Cultural Heritage -- 1.3 Areas of Contestation -- 1.4 A Word on Methodology -- 1.5 Matters of Terminology -- 1.6 Adopting a Doubly Integrated Approach to Law -- 1.7 Conclusion -- 2 Caring for Cultural Heritage: A Conceptual Framework -- 2.1 Introduction -- 2.2 Defining Care -- 2.3 Adopting Care as a Framework -- 2.4 The Process of Caring -- 2.5 Central Elements of Caring for Cultural Heritage: Developing Communities of Care -- 2.6 Beyond an Unquestioning Duty of Care to the Object, Place or Practice -- 2.7 Conclusion: The Promise of Care: Specificity, Individualisation and Context -- 3 Nested Practices of Care for Cultural Heritage -- 3.1 Introduction -- 3.2 Overall Legal Landscape -- 3.3 Features and Challenges of the Legal Landscape: Identifying Shortcomings in the Law -- 3.4 The Uneasy Relationship between Law and Cultural Heritage -- 3.5 The Need for an Integrated Approach: Nested Practices of Care -- 3.6 The Nature and Status of Nested Practices of Care -- 3.7 Nested Practices of Care in a Cultural Heritage Framework -- 3.8 Case Law Applying Non-heritage Principles as Nested Practices of Care -- 3.9 Instrumental Use of Law to Create Nested Practices of Care -- 3.10 Conclusion -- 4 Translating How and Why Communities Care about Cultural Heritage -- 4.1 Introduction -- 4.2 Recognising the Extent to Which Communities Care about Cultural Heritage and the Strength of that Care -- 4.3 Strength of Importance and Interest -- 4.4 Instrumental Nature of Cultural Heritage -- 4.5 Focusing on the Misfortune of Loss -- 4.6 Measuring Importance with Reference to Financial Value
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