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IMF Applications of Purchasing Power Parity Estimates, Mick Silver

The IMF’s main uses of the International Comparison Program’s (ICP) estimates of purchasing power parity (PPP)-adjusted Gross Domestic Product (GDP) are as an element of the formula used to help guide decisions on its members’ quotas and in the World Economic Outlook (WEO). The paper outlines these uses and considers measurement issues particularly salient to IMF usage including: PPP imputations for member countries not participating in the ICP; PPP estimates for non-benchmark years; timeliness and periodicity of PPP estimates; economy groupings; and transparency. The paper was written as a chapter on ?IMF uses of PPPs? for the 2011 ICP Handbook
Table Of Contents
Cover Page; Title Page; Copyright Page; Contents; I. Introduction; II. International Monetary Fund Use of PPPs; A. Quota Determination; B. Uses in the World Economic Outlook (WEO); III. Some Salient PPP Measurement Issues for IMF use; A. Country Coverage; B. PPP Estimates for Non-Benchmark Years; C. Timeliness; D. Groupings of Economies; E. Large Economies; F. Transparency; IV. Summary; References; Footnotes
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"November 2010."
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