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India's Pattern of Development :, What Happened, What Follows?, Arvind Subramanian, Raghuram Rajan, Ioannis Tokatlidis, Kalpana Kochhar, Utsav Kumar

India has followed an idiosyncratic pattern of development, certainly compared with other fast-growing Asian economies. While the importance of services rather than manufacturing is widely noted, within manufacturing India has emphasized skill-intensive rather than laborintensive manufacturing, and industries with higher-than-average scale. Some of these distinctive patterns existed prior to the beginning of economic reforms in the 1980s, and stem from the idiosyncratic policies adopted after India's independence. Using the growth of fastmoving Indian states as a guide, we conclude that India may not revert to the pattern followed by other countries, despite reforms that have removed some policy impediments that contributed to India's distinctive path
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""Contents""; ""I. INTRODUCTION""; ""II. INDIA CIRCA 1980""; ""III. HOW HAS INDIA CHANGED SINCE THE EARLY 1980's? ""; ""IV. THE STATES STORY""; ""V. UNDERSTANDING POST-1980 PERFORMANCE""; ""VI. LOOKING AHEAD""; ""Appendix: Data Sources and Description""; ""REFERENCES""
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non fiction
"January 2006."
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