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Collaborative spirit-writing and performance in everyday Black lives, by Bryant Keith Alexander, Mary E. Weems

Collaborative Spirit-Writing and Performance in Everyday Black Lives is about the interconnectedness between collaboration, spirit, and writing. It is also about a dialogic engagement that draws upon shared lived experiences, hopes, and fears of two Black persons: male/female, straight/gay. This book is structured around a series of textual performances, poems, plays, dialogues, calls and responses, and mediations that serve as claim, ground, warrant, qualifier, rebuttal, and backing in an argument about collaborative spirit-writing for social justice. Each entry provides evidence of encounters of possibility, collated between the authors, for ourselves, for readers, and society from a standpoint of individual and collective struggle. The entries in this Black performance diary are at times independent and interdependent, interspliced and interrogative, interanimating and interstitial. They build arguments about collaboration but always emanate from a place of discontent in a caste system, designed through slavery and maintained until today, that positions Black people in relation to white superiority, terror, and perpetual struggle. With particular emphasis on the confluence of Race, Racism, Antiracism, Black Lives Matter, the Trump administration, and the Coronavirus pandemic, this book will appeal to students and scholars in Race studies, performance studies, and those who practice qualitative methods as a new way of seeking Black social justice
Table Of Contents
Intro -- Endorsements -- Half Title -- Series Page -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Dedication -- Contents -- Acknowledgments -- 1. Introduction: Collaborative Spirit-Writing -- Notes -- 2. Exploring Self with/for Others -- Prologue -- A Performative Response -- Epilogue -- Notes -- 3. Spirit-Writing: Creating from the Collective/Collaborative Vibe -- 4. Suggestions to Further Engage with This Book -- Section I: Introduction to Revolution -- 5. The Revolution Will Be Televised (with Apologies to Gil Scott-Heron) -- Notes -- 6. Freedom -- 7. "Common Sense" and "Oh Freedom -- Common Sense -- Notes -- 8. The Devolution of Gil Scott-Heron -- Notes -- 9. Dreamscapes and Escapedreams: An Autoethnography Through the Art of Jerry Weems -- Notes -- Section II: Introduction to Resistance -- 10. Unprecedented Times (January 6, 2021), or: The Insurrection Was Televised and New Normal (January 6, 2021) -- Notes -- 11. Cultural Capita(o)l -- Notes -- 12. 119 -- 13. Black Trauma -- Notes -- Section III: Introduction to Reimagining -- 14. Talkin' on a 20 Dolla Bill -- Note -- 15. Lagniappe -- Notes -- 16. I Am a Woman of Prayer -- 17. O' for My Grand/Mother -- Note -- 18. O! Say Can You See? -- Notes -- Section IV: Introduction to Reparations -- 19. The Payback -- Notes -- 20. Say It: Or Reparations My Ass? -- Notes -- Section V: Introduction to Redemption -- 21. Black Notes -- Notes -- 22. Black, Black Notes - 2-24-2021 -- Note -- 23. Tail End and Spirits-Free -- 24. 3-4-2021 Early A.M. Dream
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