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Democracy in Scandinavia, consensual, majoritarian or mixed?, David Arter - hardback

Table Of Contents
Analysing the Nordic region : a block of distinctive consensus model democracies? -- Preferential list voting systems in Denmark, Finland and Sweden : a challenge to the 'party democracy model'? -- The Scandinavian party system(s) since 1970 : less uni-dimensional and less distinctive? -- The strength of Social Democracy on mainland Scandinavia : continued dominance or incipient decomposition? -- The diversity of coalition types and the frequency of minority governments : a distinctively Scandinavian form of parliamentarism? -- Corporatist interest group systems : (still) a distinctive Scandinavian trait? -- A common denominator between Westminster and the Nordic region? The growing importance of the office of prime minister -- The state of Scandinavian democracy : democracy in a state? -- Analysing parliamentary opposition parties : both policy actors and policy arenas? -- Policy-making in the Finnish and Swedish opposition parties -- The 2003 Finnish midsummer bomb and the Centre Part's 'decisive action strategy' : a case of office-seeking with a capital 'O ' -- Minority government, shifting majorities and multilateral opposition : Sweden in the new millennium -- Conclusion : democracy in Scandinavia : consensual, majoritarian or mixed?
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non fiction
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xi, 287 p. ;, 24 cm

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