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The Together Teammate, Build Strong Systems, Make the Work Manageable, and Stay Organized Behind the Scenes, Maia Heyck-Merlin and Heidi Gross

"For many years, teacher training and development has been the focus of attention for schools while the wider body of school support staff have been neglected. As a result of these individuals not being given the training and resources to work at their highest capacity, the abilities of the instructional and management side of the school are being diminished. If schools wish to improve their performance and provide each child with an education that is tailored to their unique learning style, motivations, and needs, the whole school workforce--including support staff--must be equipped to develop their professional skills."--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Cover Page -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Contents -- Section 1 Take Stock: Know Your Role and Set Your Priorities -- Chapter 1 Introduction - The Who, What, and Why of Togetherness for Teammates -- What is Togetherness, Anyway? -- Why This Book Matters to Me -- Who, Specifically, This Book is For -- Why Togetherness Matters Behind the Scenes -- Together Try-Its -- How This Book is Arranged -- Terminology Choices -- How to Make the Most of this Book -- Let's Get the Together Party Started! -- Chapter 2 Get Crystal Clear - Roles, Priorities, and Targets, Oh My! -- What is Your Actual Job? Get Clear on the Outcomes and Inputs -- Define Success in Your Together Teammate Role - Set Those Priorities and Targets -- Brett's Priority Setting -- Jenn's Team-Level Targets -- Get Your Own Priorities in Order -- Checklist for Priority/Target Setting in Together Teammate Roles -- Track for Yourself and Share Progress -- Priscilla's RSVP Tracker -- Shannon's Priority Tracker -- Year-at-a-Glance - Map It Across a Calendar -- Shelly's Year-at-a-Glance -- Eryn's Year-at-a-Glance -- Build Your Year-at-a-Glance -- Turbo Togetherness -- Manager Moment -- Together Tour -- What is your most used Together Tool to keep yourself Together? -- How do you re-Together yourself when unexpected things pop up? -- When is a time you had to adjust your Togetherness practices and why? -- How has Togetherness helped you communicate and work with others? -- How do you handle working with colleagues who are slightly less than Together? -- Why does Togetherness matter to you at work and at home? -- Together Teammate Self-Assessment: Consider Your Current Organizational Tools, Habits, and Routines -- Section 2 Get Yourself Together: Create Your Together Tools -- Chapter 3 Look Far Forward - Create a Comprehensive Calendar -- Why Invest in a Long-Term Calendar?
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