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Urban health issues, exploring the impacts of big-city living, Richard V. Crume

<b>Living in an urban environment can have a major influence-both positive and negative-on one's physical health and mental well-being. This book examines more than 20 key issues related to city living and what's being done to address them.</b> According to recent statistics, 80.7 percent of Americans live in urban areas, and more than half of the world's population lives in cities. From various types of pollution to crime to overcrowding, the urban environment can have massive impacts on our physical, psychological, and social health and well-being. Moreover, while certain aspects of living in a city, such as access to health care, can improve the lives of many, other factors can have detrimental effects and can lead to inequalities along racial and socioeconomic lines. <i>Urban Health Issues: Exploring the Impacts of Big-City Living</i> examines 23 key issues related to urban health, exploring their causes and consequences in depth and highlighting what cities and individuals can do to safeguard the well-being of urban residents. It also draws comparisons between cities in the United States and the industrialized world and those in poor and developing nations, providing important global insights. The material is brought to life by fascinating city case studies and illuminating interviews with experts working in a variety of fields
Table Of Contents
Preface Acknowledgments Introduction Urban Health-A Historical Perspective URBAN HEALTH ISSUES Aging and Age-Friendly Communities Air Quality and Urban Smog <i>City Spotlight: Mexico City-Gripped by a Nagging Air Pollution Problem</i>27 Chemical Exposure <i>Expert Commentary: Environmental Health Surveillance</i>37 Climate Change <i>City Spotlight: Venice-Will Anything Work to Stop the Flooding?</i>48 Crime and Violence <i>City Spotlight: New York City-An International Model of Criminal Justice Reform</i>59 Drugs and Alcohol <i>Expert Commentary: Substance Availability and Abuse</i>79 Food Quality and Availability Green Buildings and Sustainable Development <i>City Spotlight: Singapore-Proving Densely Populated Cities Can Be Both Livable and Sustainable</i>100 Green Space and Natural Areas <i>City Spotlight: Melbourne-The Many Benefits of More Trees</i>110 Healthcare Access and Quality <i>City Spotlight: Delhi-Reforming the Delivery of Urban Health Services</i>121 Indoor Air Quality Infectious Diseases <i>City Spotlight: Freetown-Checking the Spread of a Deadly Virus</i>144 <i>Expert Commentary: "One Health" Policies and Practices</i>146 Light Pollution Noise Pollution <i>Expert Commentary: Addressing Noise Pollution</i>166 Odor Pollution Population Growth and Overcrowding <i>City Spotlight: Karachi-Glimmers of Hope for the World's Largest Slum</i>184 <i>Expert Commentary: Immigrant Health and Safety</i>186 Radiation Sources Social Support Networks <i>Expert Commentary: Social Isolation among Older Adults</i>207 Solid Waste Management and Recycling <i>City Spotlight: Toronto-Green Living Made Easy and Fun</i>217 Stress Management Walkable and Bike-Friendly Neighborhoods <i>City Spotlight: Copenhagen-The City Where Bicycles Rule</i>237 Water and Sanitation Workplace Health and Safety <i>Expert Commentary: Worker Health</i>259 Appendix: Steps to Healthy Urban Living Glossary Directory of Resources Index
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